Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Untitled last post of 2014

Here's a story I unearthed that I wrote in high school. Have done a pretty good edit I think so that it's now readable. Happy New Year!

The moon was low over the fields as she sat at the open window. Why had she volunteered for this mission? She contemplated that mass of desolate rock, with dry gullies where rivers should be, huge broad plains where grasses should be growing. How often had she sat here like this in the still, black night staring at the heavens? Right then she wished she hadn't lent her telescope to the neighbor boy so soon before she left. She would like to take one last look from below.

She glanced over at the luminous dial of her clock. In less than 48 hours she would be boarding the Lunar Home 1 as the only woman of a crew of scientist to start a base on the moon. She would never see the earth again unless something failed in the mission, and then they would all come home. Hopefully everything would go smoothly and in a year the seventeen other women who were in training now would be sent up and they could really get the colony started.

Sitting in her favorite chaise lounge on the patio she laid her head back to rest and closed her eyes. She was praying in her own way, actually talking to her inner self as she called it. Mulling over the last year of training and preparation for her upcoming journey she could feel warmth on her face as the sun started up over the hills brightening the sky to a light blue. The moon vanished as she opened her eyes.

She wandered around the house gathering the things she needed. She took a shower and changed her clothes. She still had an hour before she checked into the base for last minute instructions and to take care of details done right before takeoff.

She went to the car stopping to smell her last summer rose. She walked away but then changed her mind, turned back and picked the rose shaking off its last drops of dew. She looked at the sky, took a deep breath and drove toward the base.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Never forgetting a first love

How had the last couple weeks gotten away from me? Holidays will do that to a person. Here I was promising to keep the blog going after my birthday month, wrote about my dear friend Karen and then just sort of let everything be my excuse.

I will share though in this post how a person from my past is always remembered right around Christmas time, my first love from high school. James was his name, he had beautiful blue eyes and we were both sagitarius his birthday being on the cusp in December.

He was the one my parents always disliked, no mom and dad want their little girl pining away over a boy that's in and out of juvie! But this one made beautiful drawings and sang me songs! How can you not be in love with someone like that? Well although I ran across lots of poems I wrote about him I won't torture you with the angst of a teenage girl who loves a boy who's always leaving her.

I've got a story about James in the editing stage, maybe one day I can unearth that one and put it out there for the world to read. So anyhow, want to wish James health and hopefulness on his 59th belated birthday! I think last I heard he was in pretty bad shape but may his art and memories keep him in a halfway decent state of well being.

Watch for a really compelling story coming NYE that was written by me in high school! You won't want to miss it.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

In memory of Karen

A year ago a talented, amazing woman left us too soon. I always felt she was a mentor to me not just in my writing world but about life in general. In memory of her I want to post what I call my mission statement. Ok other writers out there, let's send the world some stories! I can only hope that somehow I might continue her legacy in that way.

Mona's Mission Statement

My mission is to be a mentor to upcoming writers struggling to find their way with the craft of writing. I hope to do this as a testament to the mentors who were there for me. I will do this by being an example of how crucial it is to continue in my quest for knowledge of the process of the written word and the power that is behind a great story. If this gets me to work more fiercely and with more dedication, then I know all is how it should be and the cosmos has willed it to be so.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

And now the foggy day

Here's a fun one I ran across from when I was taking a JC writing class in 2003. Deciding this cold, foggy Saturday morning if I want instant oatmeal or toast for breakfast and irritated that my fire in the woodstove isn't co-operating. None of that is relevant to the poem. I guess the letter I was assigned was "R". Here's the condensed version because it sort of just runs on and I know you just want to read the juicy parts.

Rendezvous Poem

Can I runaway
From responsible life
To the rainforest
Where I rough it
At a rugged ruins
And eat licorice ropes
Or share radishes
With my rare rhino
Recreation would be
An all day right
Read, rest
Then read some more
"Oh really great!"
(Here comes the good part)
Missed my rendezvous
With Robert Redford
Rainforest life
Needs more responsibility...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Stay warm and dry" The Fridge Magnet Chronicles

Tomorrow there's supposed to be a big storm coming. Might lose power from the 30-40 mile per hour winds and expecting the streets to be flooded. So I'll share this and hope all of you can light some candles, maybe make a nice fire and wait out the upcoming crazy weather.

Untitled Poem

At hearth side
she sits
pen at her lips
crumpled paper
beside her chair
candle flame
flickering light
rain and wind
tap the windows
"it was
a dark and stormy

To be continued...

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Fridge Magnet Chronicles continues

Wow, so was that a storm that rolled over us last night? Thunder, lightening, and yes that was really rain falling from the sky! It made me realize winter is coming and there's no stopping it. Well this girl has summer always in her heart.

Forest Poem

Rutted road
At sunrise
Dust  settled
By the dew
Smell of grass
Assails me
Warmth of light
Cool shade
No leaves tremble
Morning Stillness
This summer day
I roam
Far off horizon
Now beckons

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Beginning of the giving season

Thank you all for being followers of my blog post, I even got feedback that made me feel good. I'm going to continue posting prose and poems from The Fridge Magnet Chronicles until the end of the year and see how it goes. I will try to be better at catching things needing an edit, spelling, too many similar words in a paragraph, etc. But I'll just confess that a few of those post were early morning (not a morning person) or after too much too drink (can't pass up sparkling or other wine when a friend offers.) It's finally raining here making today dark and dreary and much as I would like to spend this stormy day rummage through the files finding something to share, have to make myself go to work. Watch for a posting very soon, have a wonderful Tuesday!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Not the last page after all!

Biography part two. Here's what you've been waiting for all afternoon.

Continued from earlier today...

My girlfriends and I would meet at the movies on a Friday night but instead of going in we would walk around town singing Bette Midler and Carole King songs. Sometimes we would get picked up by boys we liked and ride around with them for awhile.

When there was no way to get away from the trailer, I would roam the hills behind our house. I obviously was traversing the moors looking for my true love. Of course that love wasn't a wild eyed count galloping on a white horse with his cape flying; he was more likely to be a stoned teenager wearing a suede fringe jacket, driving his dad's car.

Now in my middle age, I think of those days with a bit of nostalgia. I survived the teenage angst. At the time though I just knew that if only I wasn't stuck in that little valley, where it seemed time didn't go anywhere, my talent would be discovered. The poetry I wrote would be made into songs played on KFRC. I would write a best selling novel that would be made into a movie with Ally McGraw in the lead.

I look at the words I've placed onto this virtual paper and sigh a little about that life. I write now about a graying man who became my soulmate and about a boy, now grown who survived me as his mother. Thinking back now, I wouldn't change a minute of it. Well maybe just a little...

Last day of November, last page maybe not...

I've been having such a great time putting up my post for Chapo-Wrimo over my birthday month I might just have to continue through the Xmas and New year holidays. Now for everything you ever wanted to know about me real or made up. You'll just have to keep reading.

A Creative Biography, part one

We moved to a mobile home on two acres the summer before I was going to start high school. In my teenage opinion it was a rough life. The television didn't get cable, the air conditioning didn't work right and then there was also the occasional rattlesnake. Did I mention it was seven miles out of town and I didn't drive yet.

The Sears catalog soon became dog eared and torn from hours of searching for just the right decor for my room. The single bed was covered with a red and white chenille bedspread. A  Tree of Life batik was hung with hippie flair. Every inch of my walls were covered with stationary, wrapping paper, album covers and posters torn from Tiger Beat magazine.

That room was my sanctuary. I could close the door, light a strawberry scented candle and moon over rock stars, write poetry, keep a journal. Dude the cat and I would listen to records and pretend we were somewhere other than in a trailer at the end of a dirt driveway on a hillside in Mendocino County.

I read and wrote voraciously, daydreaming of when I would move to a big, magnificent city like New York or Barcelona. I would change my name to something more dramatic, after some tragic fictional heroine like Scarlet or Daisy. Or if I decided to keep my name I would just use my first name and on all my publications it would be spelled in lowercase letters, "The author sensation, mona!"

Sometimes when I was bored to tears I would steal a cigarette out of my dad's pack of L and M's and go down towards the road. Sitting in on of the fruit trees at the bottom of the property, I pictured myself being a tour guide at the U.N. or teaching children to read as a Peace Corp volunteer in Africa.

To be continued...

Friday, November 28, 2014

Not quite the last page of The Fridge Magnet Chronicles

I led a kind of sheltered life in my old hometown but once I graduated from high school, oh boy didn't let any moss grow on me. I even made it south of the border when I was 18.


Boyfriend tugs me
Along the dusty streets
Food stand, jewelry vendors
I yank money from my pocket
I'm gawking and pointing
Mexican huaraches for me
"Twenty dollars" the man says
Boyfriend pulls me away
"You must barter" he says
Being shy I walk past
Next a silver ring
Boyfriend says "you want one?"
He points, shows dollars
I watch him shake his head
Vendor nods taking money
My finger has shiny band
"Come on now you try"
Boyfriend pulls me to sandals
"How much" I ask
"Twenty dollars" in broken English
"Ten" I say
"Fifteen" he smiles
I hand over my money
Fearless, enlightened
A cold beer sounds good
On this night in Tijuana

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Loved ones and Home...

Over time since sailor kid has been in the Navy, we've missed having holidays with him in his childhood home. There have been a few calls on Thanksgiving and Christmas from halfway around the world but now at least Dan is stateside so I can at least imagine him in his home with Kimberly and Carson. This story kind of give you an idea of how I've felt about that.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I'll begin by giving you a little history about my homes. First there's my old hometown, where I kissed boys, wrote poetry and hung out with girls who promised our friendships would last for eternity.

Then there's our summer home, the cabin in the forest visited by the multi-generations of our family who have had many heartfelt times living and laughing there for decades.

And of course there's my house in the burbs' that I get to share with hubby who every so often even after 30+ years still makes my heart pitter patter.

But when I really learned home is where the heart is was when I watched my only child graduate from boot camp and then be assigned to a base on the other side of the country.

There's a quote I heard once that goes something like this; "When you have a child it's like your heart has left your body and is out walking around in the world."

That means my home is on the USS Harry S. Truman, a huge aircraft carrier that I've never seen except in photos. I say this because my heart, Petty Officer Mechling is on deployment for the next 9 months thousand of miles away in an exotic place called The Arabian Sea.

Yes home is where the heart is and for now that's wherever sailor son might be.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Birthday post, finally!

Yeah I know you've all been waiting for it, the birthday post! I woke up today and had a pain in my hip, a pain in my tailbone and a pain in my knee. What the hell I wondered. Oh that's right, today I turn 58. Need to start that yoga class again. I got lots of happy birthday's on fb, thanks from me to all of you. It was a very nice day with the icing on the cake so to speak being a vm from my sweet 4 year old grandson who lives 3000 miles away.

So now seriously, I want to let you know that I'm dedicating this post to 3 wonderful women who won't be having any more birthdays, I kind of thought we would all grow old together. All passing in the last year, taken from this earth too soon. I raise my glass in toasting Karen, Linda and Stephanie, here's my poem.

Talk Show Crone

I hope I will soon
Be an old lady
I’ll move to Manhattan
Or some other island
I’ll open a shop
Call it bell, book and candle
I’ll wear antique jewelry
And hats found at goodwill
I’ll cut pretty roses
From other folk’s gardens
I’ll keep writing poetry
And read for the talk shows
I’ll be all the rage
For invites to parties
Oh yes me, a 21st century
Muse for the masses

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gift request

Hey do you think I'll get a trip to Spain for my birthday tomorrow? Yeah that's what I thought too. HAHA! Well doesn't hurt to ask.


I'm still waiting for my trip to Spain. I know I will go there someday. My job making shakes and fries at McDonalds during my senior year of high of high school put about $300 in my bank account, not enough to go to Europe with the Spanish teacher's tour group.

I still vowed to leave California after graduation, getting as far as that money could get me. Three weeks in Chicago as nanny for two little girls was better than nothing. I got to tour the amazing Museum of Modern Art, awed by paintings by famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, did that count?

So I have continued into adulthood pining away for Spain and now I had added Gibraltar and Morocco to my fantasy itinerary. In my dreams I see the travels of Don Quixote and his entourage mixed with the walking pilgrimage Shirley McClain made on the El Camino.

I envision the Pyreness off in the distance as I stand on the veranda of a beautiful casita that will be my temporary home where I'm picked up by a handsome Spanish driver who will make me swoon with his accent as we tour the amazing countryside.

Only 40 birthdays have passed since I first knew I was destined for Barcelona, I'm still waiting...

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A friend's November birthday

I have a high school friend who's birthday is tomorrow and since I'm always late sending cards I'll post a story from those old days when we were inseparable and pretty much always skirting trouble.

Rocky Racoon

"Rocky Racoon checked into his room, only to find Gideon's bible..."

About a block from the park we heard singing. The day was balmy and clear, in the midst of Indian Summer. Lisa and I had cut school to attend a local peace rally and were giddy after a contact high from the pot smoking crowd.

Sitting on the rock wall that surrounded the park we saw a long haired young man playing his guitar. His name was Dan, he said he had come up from San Francisco checking out communes in the country that he was considering re-locating to. Lisa and I wondered if he might be a draft dodger. Lisa grinned at me and asked him if we could hang out, we both had a thing for musicians.

For the next week we kept cutting class to spend time with our guitar man at the park. We would kick back on the grass while Dan serenaded us. I had the feeling that he knew we were just a couple kids from the high school, jail bait. He would bring Boones Farm strawberry wine which we would pass around and just watch the sky roll by.

Dan didn't talk much. He mainly just played songs we would request of him. He showed us how to play a few chords which was pretty hard on his 12 string guitar. But it got him to sit close to me which was the ultimate goal. In my teenage mind I actually thought he might get around to choosing one of us to have for his girl.

One day trying to leave campus we got busted by the dean of girls. A few weeks later when we couldn't stand the thought of not seeing Dan we ditched again. We ran all the way, arriving out of breath. The leaves were beginning to fall and the only sound we heard were birds chirping. There was no sign of the park troubadour.

As time passed Lisa and I sang that Beatles song and assumed that Dan, sort of like the lyrics had checked out. At least from our lives. "...Gideon checked out and he left it no doubt, to help with good Rocky's revival."

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Rainy Day Post

This rainy day makes me remember a few times when we would go to our family cabin in the redwood forest of Mendocino County and it would have rained there just prior to us arriving. Hubby and I always find our way there when we need to recharge from life in the burbs'.

Mile Marker 8 Irmulco Road

From the cabin I walk down to the creekbed looking for something colorful to press between two pages. Glancing about, I see shades of green. The wild rosehips and the red leaves of early poison oak are the only contrast and neither would make a good decoration on an handmade greeting card.

The smells of the short rainstorm a few days previous have dissipated but as I step into the shallow water, I deeply breathe in the dampness. Overhead I hear the blades of the CAMP helicopter searching out the local pot gardens. With the wind in the right direction you can sometimes get a whiff of that tell-tale aroma.

Noticing the shadows becoming longer, I think to myself that after a perfect vacation day doing almost nothing, it must be naptime. I can tell by the sun that it's mid-afternoon. That comfy couch inside will be my siesta place until supper time. Heading towards the deck I hear the soft snoring of my spouse.

As darkness falls, I tune in the only rock station on the radio that permeates the coastal range into our canyon. We settle in to read under the light of propane lamps, sometimes great literature from the bookshelf, sometimes the junk newspapers that seem to be a tradition since the time of Grandma Susie. "Listen to this, midget baby space alien found wandering the Sonoran Desert".

Our little foray out of suburbia that is meant to replenish and refresh us won't last long enough. Yet being here 24 hours I can feel the symptoms of the humdrum and routine of daily life sloughing away. Eat, nap, read, repeat. Turn another page and pass the Milano cookies...

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hubby, my biggest cheerleader

While posting prose and poems from The Fridge Magnet Chronicles, I guess I should throw in a little story about hubby David who is my biggest cheerleader when I'm feeling like a no talent hack. He's a writer too, in fact way more prolific at it than me who's been writing since I was 11. Of course he has me as his in house editor and typist. Anyhow enough intro, here's a funny one I'm sharing.

The Rejection Slip

It was a rejection slip for heavens sake! Although a very eloquent rejection slip, to be sure. Signed by a man named Howard and one handwritten word :"Onward!"

The original submissions were attached to a copy of the entry rules. Highlighted were the words, "please enclose a self addressed, stamped envelope to receive confirmation of manuscript arrival at our magazine."

The directions for submission hadn't even been followed correctly but Howard had thought enough of The Place and Fire Season to send a personal response. It made one wonder if all new aspiring writers were treated this well.

Oh come on Howard, don't sugar coat it, a rejection slip is about being rejected. But there is a bit of giddiness over acknowledgment from an editor, even one from XYZ magazine.

So all I can do is laugh at my husband grinning from ear to ear and dancing around with his rejection slip. We should write Howard a thank you note.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cold and flu season

Didn't get my flu shot in time and came down with something last week that made me hack and cough and use lots of tissues. Thought I was feeling ok but now may be relapsing. Pretty much just want to stay in bed but can't due to all those adult commitments like work etc. But I can at least complain about things so  here goes...


Not to comfy
In my skin
Forgot about
My hairy chin
In traffic while
I write this poem
I drive to work
Would rather be home
Today I hate
My underwear
Looked for socks
No matching pair
Yogurt is
The lunch du jour
End of day
Please hold the door
The mail piled
High with bills
Off to store
Forgot my pills
Carpet cleaner
Chimney sweep
Appointments I forgot
To keep
Too hot for bed
No clothes are worn
My eyelids blink
And now it's morn

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fairy Circle

Our family has always embraced the idea of woodland sprites and other forest type mythical creatures so tonight I'm going to envision a healing fairy circle for my nephew Andrew while he recovers the use of his arms after an accident that fractured and tore up his elbows. Hey Andy, close your eyes and I'll send out some good forest energy to help you get back to your regular self. Your auntie and uncle and cousin are here for you. In the meantime here's a story I'll share of one time at our family cabin and our encounter with the pixie realm.

"The fairies come at twilight so we have to hurry." I tell my five year old son.

We had been searching along the creek bed for acorn tops, pebbles and all sorts of other items to arrange around the pocket mirror brought from home. I was hoping to recreate something from my childhood when my mother would make a circle near the shoreline, telling stories about mythical woodland creatures. It was our last night in the forest of redwoods with the sun setting beyond the ridge line. Time for the incantation.

"Oberon and all fairy minions, we leave a lovely fairy circle in gratitude of our restful days of babbling brook, lulling breezes and stunning starry nights. To the full moon, dance sprite and pixie in delight of the ether world."

"Mom, will the fairies know we are here if we hide out somewhere? I really want to watch their party."

Hurrah! I had convinced him fairies were real! Now to make sure my curious boy didn't sneak back to the creek so he could spy on the fairy circle. I was a big believer that you don't crash a party of mythical woodland creatures or they would never trust you again.

"Sorry little man, part of setting up the circle is to show our reverence to them and that way whenever we come back here we know our space has been under the protection of all the mythical woodland creatures. We must leave them to have their party in private."

A bit of pouty lip showed on his face when he turned to nod his head in agreement with me. We heard a shout as we trudged up the bank, dad came into sight waving his hot dog stick. Time for our final forest celebration.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A military mom

I had the honor to hang out with my MOMS group and be part of the Petaluma Veterans Day parade. I dedicate the following to those wonderful women who I'm pretty sure, like myself didn't ever think they would be the mother of someone in the military. MOMS, you rock!

The Thing About Fear

The thing about fear is
you are looking down
at your newborn
and are terrified that
you will be bad at mothering
The thing about fear is
that you have brought
another being into the world
who is dependent
on you for everything
The thing about fear is
new found independance
starts with the training wheels
coming off the bike
you think he doesn't need you
The thing about fear is
he has signed enlistment papers
in one month he'll be
halfway across the country
at Navy bootcamp
The thing about fear is
you brought up this boy
to become a man
step away from mom
and begin a life on his own
The thing about fear is
you found that maternal instinct
and did the best you could
so that one day he will tell you
he still needs you

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The page that follows 4

Having a weekend of wine and writing with best friend wasn't really a literary festival but it was the next best thing.

Lit Fest

I'm drawn
Like a moth
To a flame
Being presented
A fan giddy
With anticipation
Printed page
Beneath book cover
Novelist groupie
Poet devotee
Words absorbed
By my soul
Inspired to write
Of life, love
Black ink
White paper
Hand to pen
Evening without end

Friday, November 7, 2014

Page 4 of Fridge Magnet Chronicles

You might see a few poems or stories that will seem as though the scenery is similar. That would be from the place that makes me feel grounded and recharged in the redwoods of Mendocino County. Join me there now and please, stay for lunch.

Boonie Lunch

strawberries, brie
and iced tea
a better boonie lunch
there'll never be
rock and roll radio
rings through the trees
the babbling brook
rambles to the sea
I made a poem
that rhymes
well sometimes
you just have to...

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Crab Cakes

Here's story of first serious boyfriend, it's pretty romantic...

The Lido restaurant was a classy place to go for dinner in my hometown. Jimmy and I were on our second date. I was having a cocktail for the first time, a vodka collins. I felt so sneaky, they didn't even check my i.d.
The soup was french onion in a little brown bowl that had a handle on the side, pretty fancy. A small slice of french bread with very tasty white cheese was melted on top. I burnt my mouth on the first spoonful. For our entree we were served the most amazing crab cakes. I had never had crab cakes before and would have eaten an endless platter of them. So amazingly delicious, small oblong balls rolled in bread crumbs then fried to just the right crunchy consistency. Then after what I'm sure were several more vodka collins, the evening became a blur. The fabulous meal of seafood was consumed and as I waited for my dessert of chocolate mousse I knew I had fallen in love, with crab cakes.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Page 2 of Fridge Magnet Chronicles

Ok, you are all getting where I'm going with this. Adventure Boy was page one, today's entry will be page two...


In a small box
A silver charm
Lavender petals
Bay leaf
River pebble
All to return
To my place
Of inspiration
Of friendship
Past and present

Monday, November 3, 2014

Adventure Boy

I look from the deck
And remember the time
You were floating
Sure that the river current
Would sweep you
Away to the sea
Now you float on a boat
Larger than I can imagine
Pushing you across oceans
I'll only see on my maps

Saturday, November 1, 2014


I have friends who during November write 30,000 words hoping it will be the next great American novel. It's a worldwide sensation called NanoWrimo (national novel writing month). I tried that once and got as far into the plot as follows: girl from the burbs meets boy from the farm and when she can't find cologne at the nearest cosmetic counter that has notes of alfalfa the affair is doomed. I think I made it to 1500 words. I'm a short story writer which I guess is what happens when your teenage brain starts you out writing poems and the gradual progression then becomes mini memoir. I've decided that in the month of November as a birthday present to myself I will post some of my writings that make up my chapbook collection, The Fridge Magnet Chronicles. So as the month unfolds watch for an assortment of very eclectic prose and poems. Maybe one or two get you to smile or shake your head. Have them be what they will, I'm not expecting to become the next Erma Bombeck. Oh wait, yes I am...

Sunday, October 5, 2014

College and middle age, what was I thinking...

I have gone to college off and on since 1984. Guess what all those classes I've taken over the decades add up to, nothing except a write off I can take when I file my taxes. I was recently taking the business ed classes that would eventually give me a certificate in Human Resources. Not wanting to overwhelm myself I had just one class every Wednesday night, "ORAL COMM IN ORGS; Develop speaking skills to effectively and confidently deliver oral presentations in organizational settings. In addition, analyze audiences, research topics, and prepare and deliver presentations." I have been diligently getting to the Santa Rosa campus every week, semi prepared after having typed out many drafts of a speech and reading the chapters of the older edition of the book I found on Amazon for $5.00. Well, last Wednesday I just couldn't take my nutty professor or her rambling emails in regards to needing to make the keyword outline perfect before I could present my oral presentation on helping returning veterans getting back into the workplace. I'm sorry but does it matter if the right section has bullet points or is indented in the appropriate spot? Well it does matter to her and from the looks of things I was never going to make my presentation. So after my head almost exploded after conversing with her, the class chiming in with their helpful suggestions as well I called it quits at the break. I drove out of the campus parking lot tossing my textbook out the window of my truck lamenting the money I had spent on tuition, parking and the gas it took to drive from work to school. I do feel much freer, not going to let myself feel like a quitter. In fact the first thing I did once I got home was get onto the JC website and start looking for another class to take next semester. I even feel like I learned something about myself, I like classes on comparative mythology and world geography not classes on business writing or organizational communication. I'm choosing to no longer torture myself with perfectionists who don't like my speech draft, so there. I might get my college degree when I'm 60 or I might not. I'll still continue to be a student of life and that's been a real education.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Juno and Autumnal Equinox

The above title isn't necessarily joined together for any reason, just want to write about a sweet dog named Juno and also that the autumnal equinox is upon us.

First about Juno, definition from googling the name;
JUNO: the wife of Jupiter, queen of heaven, and goddess of light, birth, women, and marriage.

Those of you who follow my fb page will have seen the story unfold recently that our grand-dog Juno needed to go to a new home. She has the best temperament, loves her humans with all she's worth and has a bunch of other amazing traits but we just weren't able to invest the time and energy in her that she deserved. So with mixed emotions we broke it to her original parents Dan and Tiff that she was going to a new home.

As it turns out our good friend Cindy went above and beyond the call of duty and found Kaitlyn and Jonathan. Juno gets a two night sleepover with Boonie at Drew and Cindy's then Tuesday will go home with her new parents. By the way Kaitlyn and Jonathan did I mention there's a no return policy? Thank you to all of you who were helpful in putting the word out, isn't social media amazing?

Next Autumnal Equinox, definition from wikipedia:
The holiday of the autumnal equinox, Mabon, is a Pagan ritual of thanksgiving for the fruits of the earth and a recognition of the need to share them to secure the blessings of the Goddess and the God during the coming winter months.

I think I'll add some items to my alter in honor of Mabon this year remembering that this time is when the darkness and light are equal, white candle and black candle that sort of thing. And maybe a picture of a beautiful queen with big brown eyes who looks good wearing pink and seemed to just want to always retrieve that ball no matter how many times you threw it.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Many manila envelopes...

Ever feel like you must have an adventure soon or you'll go crazy? I currently have 4 manila envelopes on my dining table full of random things to be mailed off to loved ones. So you ask what do envelopes have to do with adventure? Well my adventure is to pretend I've put my shrunken self into the envelopes then I'm able to go somewhere away from home. Granted a couple of my envelope adventures would be Willits and Windsor, not exactly out of my current area. But the other two would be Oregon and Virginia. I think if I could I would choose Virginia and pretty much all of you would know why. There's a handsome sailor and his beautiful sweetie along with an adorable boy who might even give me a big hug and call me Nana back there. But work and finances stop the real me from getting to hop a plane and head east into the sunrise. In the meantime I'll just remember the trip there from a few months ago. I guess even though I'm a California girl through and through, I have a new happy place. It's a neighborhood park that I've actually never even visited but is from a picture where there's a beautiful dark haired, twinkling eyed boy playing. Or it's the back patio of a peaceful family condo that has the firepit going as twilight descends, marshmallows are roasting on sticks and I hear the laughter and quiet chatter of the darling boy excited for his smores. I'm finding a couple rubber duckies to put into the envelope for Virginia, more random things for the other three envelopes. I think I'm now feeling less crazy, thankfully I can use my imagination and find adventure in my mind.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Can I get a compass in that happy meal?

I'm feeling in flux. Here's just a tidbit of something I found while googling the definition.

"Continuous change.
synonyms: continuous change, changeability, variability, inconstancy, fluidity, instability, unsteadiness, fluctuation, variation, shift, movement, oscillation, alternation, rise and fall, seesawing, yo-yoing"

The fluxing of my life has been happening for awhile, probably at least a year. My family dynamics have changed, friends have passed on without fulfilling some things I was watching them accomplish, the job (well that's a whole other story!)

I went from what I thought was my magical age year into turning 57, looked at the mirror of what has been and was informed through the drum circle "the mirror should be the reflection of the beauty we bring to the world". There's a challenge!

Not that I haven't accomplished some things. I have performed my second croning, have worked spells to help bring what I hoped was helpful to the success of an author friend and even tapped into my business persona and became a notary! So what if my bank account looks sad or my house needs remodeling (those two are somewhat connected).

I can also smile when I see the photos of my sailor son and his beautiful new sweetie with her adorable little boy. Now that's something to make me wake up and feel joyful about!

I also have quite a network of amazing women who when we get together make me feel more powerful and connected to the earth (and current events/books) and give me leeway to vent from the frustrations happening on a daily basis.

But an upcoming visit to the forest will refresh me, recharge my batteries. I will sit and feel the breeze coming up from the river and watch dusk descend over the canyon. Possibly in the quiet I'll even hear the whispers of my lineage giving me the direction I could choose to point my compass...

Friday, May 23, 2014


We've become grandparents! Well, we did meet a wonderful little boy who I'm hoping one day will be calling me up and saying "Hi Nana, don't let the bed bugs bite!" So everyone needs to know that he's 3 (we of course think he's an exceptional 3), knows the pledge of allegiance and can write his name pretty well. He spouts out things that I get to hear about from his darling mom since I'm 3000 miles away and don't skype yet. Does every other grammy feel this way? I'm also going to keep a list of all the Carsonisms, might make a great coffee table book one day.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Did I miss "May the fourth be with you"?

May the fourth be with you! LOL! Guess what, it took me a couple of years before I figured what that referenced. Here's the latest... Had a nice time out in Virginia. It was cold though so had to wear layers especially at the pier but I didn't care because sailor kid would finally be back stateside! We got to meet a really wonderful woman and her beautiful little boy, Kim and Carson. Sock monkey didn't really want to be included for many of the outings, the zoo for a little while and a couple meals where he was asked to try some grits and that good ole' sweet tea again! We also got to have Easter dinner with Kim's lovely and hospitable family. Shout out to Candy and Mike for being the hostess' with the mostess'! Now looking forward to a road trip with bff Jana and time to visit with mom and sis. Watch for more postings soon y'all! Take care.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Linda!

Linda's family left her facebook page up after we unexpectedly lost her in February so it was strange to see that I was getting a reminder that today was her birthday. I'm still in shock to think she's gone even though we hadn't seen each other in decades. But with social media we still seemed close. My memories of Linda are pretty old, she was still married to her first husband Don. I had never met Tu or their son Ben but I know they were the light of her life. The funniest time I remember spending with her was when she and Don were building their house in Middletown. They were tiling the bathroom so Dave and I decided on one of the hottest days of summer to take a ride there and help. The movie reel of my mind makes me laugh as I see us sweating and cursing while plastering goop of some sort on the wall and then placing tiles with these little spacer things between them. Finally at about nine o'clock that evening we were done. Starving and with no food in the house we head down the road but is anything open in a town that rolls up the sidewalks when darkness falls? We bang on the locked door of the local burger joint flashing wads of money at the teenage workers begging them to open and make us something, anything. So we got fries and probably burgers that would have been thrown out but it was the best tasting dinner ever in our opinion. I have other memories that make me smile but I'll share those on another of Linda's birthdays. Linda, hope you are having a nice time up there and that you have Elvis or Freddy M. serenading you today. Missing you a lot girlfriend. I'll see you later. Happy Birthday Linda Nu'uvali!