Friday, August 21, 2015

My introduction

I had to post an introduction for all my Spch 1A classmates to see before we all meet for our first Saturday class. Hopefully when you read the following you will think it's a good enough description of me.

I have been a student off and on at the JC since 1984. I have a son in the United States Navy, he and his family live in Virginia which makes it a little sad for me with them 3000 miles away. I have changed my major about 3 times and now hopefully will receive my AA in Anthropology before I need a cane to walk across the stage to receive my diploma. I am a creative writer and have had a few stories published in some anthologies. I don't make any money but it's pretty cool to see my name in a table of contents in an actual published book. My husband of 35 years will be retiring in a couple years and then we hope to do more traveling, especially to see our grandson Carson who will start kindergarten in a couple weeks. I need to get a computer that can skype so I can actually talk to him live, guess I better join the techie world like everyone else has. Looking forward to meeting all of you on Saturday.