Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Semester

Well everyone, Sockmonkey and I start back to JC today. I am enrolled in the stupidest classes ever but they are a requirement. Title of classes are "Deciding on Your Career" and "Entering the Work Force". Tried with all my might to try to get out of them but can't go for the credits that are internship until completion which is going to take the whole semester Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Hmm, once I get into the class you think my white hair will be a give-away that I've found and lost careers over 35 + years and that I wouldn't be in the Legal Sec. cert. program if I hadn't decided on what I want to do til I retire! Sockmonkey thinks I should just deal with it and I guess I will. Now if I can only test out of business English, I am a published author after all and I edit books in my spare time for heavens sake. Do you think there is going to be any available parking on campus the first week of school? Well looking at the clock guess I better get going in case I'm driving around for half an hour looking for a space. Will keep you posted.