Friday, June 1, 2012

End of semester...

The semester from hell finally ended. Below you will see my grades for the 4 classes I completed. I am on board with the D from BOT 85.4, had decided about halfway through that legal docs made my eyes glaze over. But the F in BOT 56B is intolerable. I turned in my professional portfolio, albeit the biography was a short story about when I was a teen and would sit in the pear tree smoking and daydreaming of leaving Ukiah. Ok, I admit that the cover for the binder was the page I always print out for the cover of my story collection The Fridge Magnet Chronicles. Comments from the instructor were as follows, "Cute cover but highly inappropriate for business portfolio, in fact you didn't follow the instructions at all." Well I think it was inappropriate for a teacher switch-a-roo halfway through the semester. And I also think that there should be a way to test out of a class about joining the 21st century workforce if you've been a worker in both the 20th and 21st centuries! Such as it is I do feel that I got something out of it besides having a dream team to work with (you know who you are Rebbeca, Tracey, and Eli), I figured out that I don't want to be an ace admin assist or a bookkeeper extroirdinare. So will spend the summer looking through all the certificate programs that don't involve so much printing that I go through 2 ink cartridges in one semester or have books that cost an arm and a leg and then are barely refered to throught the whole class. What do you think, lessons learned?

5356BOT 85.1LEGAL PROFESSIONSB 1.00 1.003.00
6889BOT 85.4CIVIL LITIGATION PROCD 1.50 1.501.50
4306BOT 56AWORKFORCE ISSUESC 3.00 3.006.00
6569WEOC 99OCC WORK EXPERIENCEW<1.00>0.000.00
Semester Totals6.505.5010.501.615
Semester Degree Applicable Totals6.505.5010.501.615