Thursday, September 10, 2015

Adult show and tell

Speech number two is an informative speech. For 6 minutes I have to inform my class of something with visual aids. Before we make the speech though our assignment was to brainstorm topics that we might possibly use for our speech. The following is my list of 25 things that I might pick one from for my speech at the end of the month. What do you think?

1.Croning ceremony
2.Become a Notary Public
3.Mobile/Online banking
4.Paper mache crafting
5.Tarot card reading
8.Wine tasting
10.Open a bank account
11.Make beef jerky
12.Tour Library of Congress
13.Search for Big Foot
14.Make fudge
15.Autumnal Equinox ceremony
16.Make vision board
17.Soap making
19.Crocheting dishcloths
20.Make rose beads
21.Make zucchini bread
22.Participate in a dig
23.Prepare creme brulee
24.Drive route 66
25.Make a labyrinth

I already sort of have in mind what to speak about, what would your adult show and tell be about?