Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stepping out of legal and into I don't even know what...

Just took an online career assesment test and have realized that I am not legal office material. SOOOOO... I will start all over once again even with a year of legal assistant paid and studied for and try to figure out where my path shall lead me. If you are interested I have copy and pasted the test results. Open for feedback you all. "-)
As a Blue...
you may be among the most loving, nurturing and supportive people in the world. You often seek to express your inner self.
You do not have to work at it; it is simply your nature. All of us have special talents and gifts, but Blues possess extraordinary people skills. Others easily recognize you because of your soft and gentle demeanour.
One of your greatest gifts may be your ability to love unconditionally. Many think of you as the least judgmental of all people. You tend to focus on what is good in people.
You often communicate from your heart. You are generally sensitive and have a need to express how you feel. This can be construed by others as weakness, if they don’t appreciate sensitivity. For male Blues, this can be difficult because sensitivity in men is sometimes not understood in a society where maleness is sometimes equated with a lack of sensitivity. Because of this sensitivity you may tend to cry more easily than others.
You tend to value honesty and authenticity. You usually enjoy close friendships with those you love. Making a difference in the world is somewhat easy for you because you cultivate this potential in yourself and in others.
You have a great deal of latitude in career choices and may succeed in many fields. In work environments, as a Blue, you are usually at ease with colleagues, and others enjoy your presence. Blues are generally highly creative in dealing with people and are outstanding at inspiring group spirit and getting people together. As a Blue, you may begin to dislike your work environment if the people and the tasks become routine.
You may prefer a family-like, friendly, personalized and warm work environment. You may dislike jobs that require painstaking detail and follow-through over a period of time. Blues tend to prefer people-oriented careers and jobs that allow creativity and variety in day-to-day operations.