Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fairy Circle

After seeing in today's newspaper that a girl scout troop is selling kits to make fairy lands for the garden I unearthed a story that I'm going to share with you. Yeah fairies are too real!

"The fairies come at twilight so we need to have the dance circle completed soon."
We were worn out after an hour or so of searching the creek bed for acorn tops and other assorted flora and fauna to painstakingly arrange around the small mirror from the dollar store. On our last night before roasting the final package of hotdogs we would complete our fairyland and recite the fanciful incantation I had made up. Having spent my childhood summers along remote shorelines I heard stories from my mom of mythical forest creatures and had made our own little fairy circles. It was her way to keep my sister and me from being bored while dad fished. I was now convincing my little macho son that there were fairies living in the forest.
"Oberon and all fairy minions, we leave a lovely playland in gratitude of our restful days and nights of the babbling brook lulling us, fair breezes cooling us and a starry blanket over us. Under a crescent moon, sprite and pixie dance in delight of the ether world."
The sun was setting behind the ridge of redwood trees and my stomach was growling. I knew Danny was hesitant to leave but dad had dinner ready for us and it was time to head back.
"Mom, will the fairies know we are here if we hide out somewhere? I really want to watch their party."
Hurrah, I had convinced him fairies were real! Now just to make sure my hard headed, curious kid didn't sneak back down to the creek thinking he could spy on the fairy circle. That's all it would take for him to realize mom was spinning a tale.
"Now you wouldn't want to scare them away would you? You want the fairies to stay close by our cabin and watch over it when we can't be here, right?"
Holding his hand we trudge up the bank and behind us I hear a whisper and a quiet "SHH". It was fairy time...