Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Linda!

Linda's family left her facebook page up after we unexpectedly lost her in February so it was strange to see that I was getting a reminder that today was her birthday. I'm still in shock to think she's gone even though we hadn't seen each other in decades. But with social media we still seemed close. My memories of Linda are pretty old, she was still married to her first husband Don. I had never met Tu or their son Ben but I know they were the light of her life. The funniest time I remember spending with her was when she and Don were building their house in Middletown. They were tiling the bathroom so Dave and I decided on one of the hottest days of summer to take a ride there and help. The movie reel of my mind makes me laugh as I see us sweating and cursing while plastering goop of some sort on the wall and then placing tiles with these little spacer things between them. Finally at about nine o'clock that evening we were done. Starving and with no food in the house we head down the road but is anything open in a town that rolls up the sidewalks when darkness falls? We bang on the locked door of the local burger joint flashing wads of money at the teenage workers begging them to open and make us something, anything. So we got fries and probably burgers that would have been thrown out but it was the best tasting dinner ever in our opinion. I have other memories that make me smile but I'll share those on another of Linda's birthdays. Linda, hope you are having a nice time up there and that you have Elvis or Freddy M. serenading you today. Missing you a lot girlfriend. I'll see you later. Happy Birthday Linda Nu'uvali!