Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ehh, just a regular Saturday

I'm not full of stories today although if I could write a story it would be about the craziness of being in the banking industry. I'm a professional though so I'll just say the past few weeks have made me laugh, made me cry and it also gave me a title for a flash fiction story... "The High Tech Burrito Heist!" No don't ask, just know that you sometimes can't even make this stuff up. Life is stranger than fiction. Hubby also wants to make sure I tell everyone he had a wonderful birthday month. Well except for his bad reaction to shellfish from his seafood pasta meal when we went out to dinner at a place that will remain un-named since the other 3 of us to my knowledge didn't have any problem, in fact I'll go back again. Working at getting through my class in cultural anthropology, hoping for at least a B. Just wrote a little essay about the value of unblocking chi in Chinese medicine. Reminded me that I would really like to take a tai chi class. Enjoying the doors being opened today and I can smell the rosemary from my front raised bed by the door as it's being wafted by the breeze. Well like I said, Ehh, just a regular Saturday. More to post later.