Sunday, September 30, 2012

Books, books and more books!

Last Saturday I covered for my friend Jeane at her booth during the Sonoma County Literary Festival. The hubby and I carried several boxes of local author's books to be for sale during the festival. Coming on board as Jeane's assistant is a part-time job from the heart. As a writer myself (although The Fridge Magnet Chronicles is going on 6 years in the making) I love to see the success of other local writer's. I am also old fashioned and love bookstores and the feel and smell of printed pages that I can sit with and loose myself into while reading a well written story. So it was my suprise that sales just weren't happening and alas didn't even earn enough money for Jeane to earn back her investment of the rented spot. What I did notice when folks stopped by the booth was that many took out their phones and snapped pictures of books title pages. Finally after mulling that for a week it came to me what that was about, people who Kindle could probably go home and get on Amazon and download the books I had for sale at a fraction of what a hard copy book goes for. Too late to do anything about it now but it's still annoying. All in all even if the books are bought electronicly the author still gets paid so that's good but next year if I'm at the booth selling local author's books those people who try to take photographs will get a nice picture of my hand instead. What do you think of that? "-)