Saturday, October 29, 2011

Indian Summer or what?

Will have a bunch to tell about my trip east to visit sailor son and the Gannimals but first want to tell you about having a very nice time with two awesome ladies up in Mendocino County last Wednesday. Was invited to the family ranch of Leigh Anne with all her siblings and their families from all over the place who were out for the annual grape harvest. Well as it turned out the harvest was on hold for that week but toured all over the beautiful property on west side of 101 between Redwood Valley and Willits. Another friend who came was Robbi and I'm so glad because I had wanted a chance to get to know her better. We chatted and roamed in a 4x4 into the boonies just like we have been friends for years. Had a chance to sit on a wonderful deck at the family guest house and soak up the sun and eat cabernet grapes right off the vine. It was just a fantastic day. Am invited back this week for when the harvest is really going to happen but alas have other things on the agenda. Hopefully though between the three of us brainstorming about a writers retreat that Leigh Anne would put on, will be back up there soon and get a whole weekend stay. So enjoy this beautiful weather and don't let any spooks get you on Monday. Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Job hunt

A lot of you might be interested in an update of how the job hunting has been going. Well almost 3 months and not until today did I want to cry. Had been doing well, 70-80 resumes going into cyberspace with a few responses. Excited about a job interview this morning, filled out paperwork and then a short math test to be done only with your brain. I knew I didn't do too well but for heavens sake who does math without technology now days. A greying man with an accent motioned me to a chair across from him at his desk, looked at answer to first question involving percentages and yes I suppose a sixth grader knew the answer but I didn't. After still answering it wrong when he asked me, he stood up and thanked me for coming by but unless I could do better on the test he wouldn't waste anyones time further by conducting an interview. Well I hope he gets bad karma because I would have made an awesome employee and maybe I don't do math but I can out proofread probably this entire planet, so there. Ok well you now have my latest update on job hunt. Not going to let that get me down and since my trip with the hubby out to Virginia is just about here will give Craigslist a rest until we return. Anyhow, enjoy your October, I know I will seeing the sights out along the Atlantic and a train ride to D.C. as well. Take care, I'll send you a postcard.