Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Had my eyes glued to the t.v. last Saturday as I watched Hurricane Irene bearing down on the Atlantic seashore. Was just getting over the hilarity of my sailor son telling me about how freaked the folks were over a tiny 5.9 earthquake while he was wondering why they didn't seem all that concerned about the soon to arrive "tropical storm". But we at least get a warning about hurricanes, they told him. So after a few back and forth text from the Pacific Posse commenting on no power and making them promise to stay indoors, I am happy to report that Gannimal House seemed unscathed. I also was very relieved that we had decided against going to visit them in August due to everyone telling us how bad the humidity would be. No one warned me there might be a hurricane...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Not here, in Virginia! And Mrs. Sailor said she didn't even feel anything. Guess growing up a west coastie and living through a lifetime of rocking and rolling, etc. But the news also says a hurricane a comin'! So hope Gannimal house and Sailor Boy battin' down the hatches.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mid-month, Mid-week meltdown

Ever have one of those days when you think if you don't let yourself burst into tears your chest is going to explode. Or your throat or your head. And to top it off just got to a sad part in my latest read The Help. Of course I haven't got enough to distract me since I'm still unemployed, guess I'm feeling a little stressed because also wheezing and over-eating. Those are the sure signs of me being on emotional overload. I am also missing Mr. and Mrs. Sailor, three thousand miles away. But the good news is that this weekend get to have the annual AMIGAS (August Moon Intelligent Girls Adventure Spa) in Redwood Valley with my bff. It's two days of hanging our feet in the doughboy pool, drinking champagne with a blackberry floating in it and crafting til all hours of the night. Just seeing that in print is already perking up my spirits. Maybe I'll just go get my hula hoop and put on my favorite oldies station and hope nobody decides to drop by without warning!

Monday, August 15, 2011

New week

I had a pretty good weekend. Friday drove topless with hubby in our friend's Ray and Ofelia's Benz. A fantastic lunch was had by all at The Tides. Got to hear all about their trip to Italy earlier in the summer with their newly graduated kidlet and his friend. Weather was chilly at the coast but the ride back was beautiful through the redwoods along River Rd. Saturday would have seen The Help with Steph but she wasn't feeling well so gives me time to read the book now before seeing the movie. Sunday dropped Brie off at her job at Abecrombie & Fitch. Here's a question about that store... What does the canoe hanging in the middle of the ceiling and a stuffed moose head behind the checkout have to do with the posters of the half naked people in their advertising? Just wondering. So after almost dying of the over perfumed, music blasting time in the store headed to my RWC meeting where we had an awesome speaker Linda Joy Myer who is a specialist on memoir which being my genre I was very attentive even though I have heard her before. Today will once again be checking craigslist for jobs every 30 minutes and might even find time to practice ASL from the new book I bought, cheaper that taking a class for it at JC. May be useful once I'm a bonafide, certified legal assistant in a couple years. Have a great day, more later.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bad War

Not dealing well with the news over the weekend of the downed helicopter with Navy Seals. Very sad and depressed. Keep wondering why we have to spend so much in loss of lives and dollars on this war. Time for it to come to a close and bring the troops home.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to Cali

Had a whirlwind trip last week to Oregon. Took along my old friend from childhood, Carolyn H. who I reconnected with at her 80th birthday last May. Her sister and my mom live in Jacksonville so had a nice companion to help keep the highway hypnosis away. Pretty uneventful, the usual photo shoot with the Davis girls and Rob and Andy. Pretty commical with Rob hiding, Andy giving us his butt in the shot and me doing the lavender dance. Then headed home Sunday, got a cool lightening show and summer rainstorm through the mountains before reaching Mt. Shasta. All good, now back to the job hunt. Anyone out there with helpful hints on making money on the side til my dream job comes along? "-)