Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I'm not a good flyer, not that I worry about crashing I just don't like being in enclosed spaces for long periods of time. And I'm always concerned that I will miss my flight, you know sleep through the alarm etc. Anyway, today I decide to drive the scenic rural route home and what happens as I'm flying along at 60+ miles an hour, a bird leaves the field next to the road and while trying to get air born hits the car and  in the rear view mirror I see it land a few feet behind me. Of course I rush home to the computer and google dead bird omen and maybe there will be a chant I can say for the soul of the bird. Well, mostly there are funny post about dead birds but I'm wanting to honor that this bird gave it's life against my front bumper. Plus since I'm about to get on a big flying machine I have to make sure I don't have any bad juju. Turns out that I found something nice that sort of makes me feel better, not a chant but I can make one up and I think I randomly have bird seed around of all things that I'll go to the side of the fence and toss in the air for luck. Here's the copy paste from a portion of a site I found during my googling. Might have been serendipitous that a bird and I crossed paths, right?

A Dead Bird

If you've seen a dead bird in the road or perhaps you accidentally hit a bird on the road, this usually feels like a bad sign. Actually death is typically a good sign showing us that an end to turmoil or pain is ending. This doesn't necessarily mean physical death, just a metaphorical death. Perhaps you're going through heartache of a break-up, perhaps you are struggling to find a job...this dead bird marks the end to your search and struggle. A new beginning is just around the corner.