Friday, January 30, 2015

A little time travel

Remember getting assignments in school that would be a prompt from the teacher and then you had to write a story? I recently found one of those assignments from what is labeled E Period so must be junior or high school years. Here is part one, the mimeographed prompt.

Connie-a girl of 12 or 13
Vern-a boy inventor with a taste for adventure, perhaps 13 or 14
Capt. Billy Bang-a foxy old man who lives somewhere in the stream of time and makes a point of helping young people in trouble
Martha Hopkins-a beautiful woman with a problem

The machine looked simple enough. There were two chairs, some wires that looked like bedsprings, and a numbered dial attached to a box. The device rumbled and pulsed with an on-off-on-off glow.
"It looks sick to me," Connie said. "I think it's got indigestion."
Vern snorted, "Forget the looks. I'll admit it looks more like a jukebox than a scientific marvel, but my calculations say it will work."
"I won't strain your brain with details. Right now all we have to do is sit down, set the dial to the year in time we want, and we're off. All set?"
"I guess so, but I hear a big inner voice yelling NO. Suppose we end up in the middle of a battle or something? Can we tell where we're going?"
"Unfortunately no. However, I can simply squeeze this buckle on my belt to bring us home again. Of course, the machine may take about 60 seconds to start to work."
"Swell! What happens meanwhile?"
"We won't know that until we get out on the stream of time and see. You twist the dial and I'll press the 'GO' button on my chair."
"I always thought I was nuts and this proves it." Connie reached for the dial and gave it a twist.

To be continued..

Sunday, January 18, 2015

college paper from 2010 continued...

Let's now pick up where we left off in the day of the life of Sky Goddess Nut. We last had our Egyptian goddess posing for the royal papyrus artist, she is not happy!

...There are ways to deal with this guy once we are finished with this nonsense. I realize I am friend and protector of the dead; well he might be joining those ranks sooner than he thinks.

Whoa, it's starting to look a little dark out there. Hey artist dude, I have things outside to swallow like the Sun for the evening. Maybe I need a break, did you ever think of that? I did after all give birth to the moon and a bunch of those other planets just this morning. I do have some responsibility tonight and really need to get done here.

Oh good, looks like things are wrapping up. I am so going to go looking for my husband/bro and give him my what for over his big idea of making my official goddess portrait!

Friday, January 16, 2015

New semester

I've got another new semester of college. Yes I'm still a college student, since 1984. Might never have a degree but that's ok. I learn stuff and it's a tax write off. My class is an online Anthropology so I can get educated about people, cultures etc. I'll keep you posted but so far so good, the book was available at the JC bookstore for used price. I'll share a paper I wrote back in 2010 for a Comparative Mythology class. It was also a great class.

Sky Goddess Nut

So how long is this traveling papyrus portrait artist going to be? I stripped naked and painted my body blue for this? Obviously he isn't aware of who I am. Guess I have my brother to thank. It was his  bright idea and being my husband as well as my bro gotta do the love and obey stuff.

Thankfully I don't have that god awful head-dress on, imagine having to hold that up while making the arced sky pose You know, shouldn't I be on a ladder? Oh wait; it's the kids who use the ladder, not me.

I hope all the women of Egypt appreciate the pain and suffering I am going through for this. And I don't just want my image on a papyrus; I want it carved into temples and other places around the countryside. I don't think that's asking for too much.

What, now he's taking a smoke break! I could just scream! I AM THE GODDESS OF THE NIGHT-TIME SKY FOR HEAVENS SAKE!

To be continued...