Friday, May 23, 2014


We've become grandparents! Well, we did meet a wonderful little boy who I'm hoping one day will be calling me up and saying "Hi Nana, don't let the bed bugs bite!" So everyone needs to know that he's 3 (we of course think he's an exceptional 3), knows the pledge of allegiance and can write his name pretty well. He spouts out things that I get to hear about from his darling mom since I'm 3000 miles away and don't skype yet. Does every other grammy feel this way? I'm also going to keep a list of all the Carsonisms, might make a great coffee table book one day.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Did I miss "May the fourth be with you"?

May the fourth be with you! LOL! Guess what, it took me a couple of years before I figured what that referenced. Here's the latest... Had a nice time out in Virginia. It was cold though so had to wear layers especially at the pier but I didn't care because sailor kid would finally be back stateside! We got to meet a really wonderful woman and her beautiful little boy, Kim and Carson. Sock monkey didn't really want to be included for many of the outings, the zoo for a little while and a couple meals where he was asked to try some grits and that good ole' sweet tea again! We also got to have Easter dinner with Kim's lovely and hospitable family. Shout out to Candy and Mike for being the hostess' with the mostess'! Now looking forward to a road trip with bff Jana and time to visit with mom and sis. Watch for more postings soon y'all! Take care.