Saturday, December 13, 2014

And now the foggy day

Here's a fun one I ran across from when I was taking a JC writing class in 2003. Deciding this cold, foggy Saturday morning if I want instant oatmeal or toast for breakfast and irritated that my fire in the woodstove isn't co-operating. None of that is relevant to the poem. I guess the letter I was assigned was "R". Here's the condensed version because it sort of just runs on and I know you just want to read the juicy parts.

Rendezvous Poem

Can I runaway
From responsible life
To the rainforest
Where I rough it
At a rugged ruins
And eat licorice ropes
Or share radishes
With my rare rhino
Recreation would be
An all day right
Read, rest
Then read some more
"Oh really great!"
(Here comes the good part)
Missed my rendezvous
With Robert Redford
Rainforest life
Needs more responsibility...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Stay warm and dry" The Fridge Magnet Chronicles

Tomorrow there's supposed to be a big storm coming. Might lose power from the 30-40 mile per hour winds and expecting the streets to be flooded. So I'll share this and hope all of you can light some candles, maybe make a nice fire and wait out the upcoming crazy weather.

Untitled Poem

At hearth side
she sits
pen at her lips
crumpled paper
beside her chair
candle flame
flickering light
rain and wind
tap the windows
"it was
a dark and stormy

To be continued...

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Fridge Magnet Chronicles continues

Wow, so was that a storm that rolled over us last night? Thunder, lightening, and yes that was really rain falling from the sky! It made me realize winter is coming and there's no stopping it. Well this girl has summer always in her heart.

Forest Poem

Rutted road
At sunrise
Dust  settled
By the dew
Smell of grass
Assails me
Warmth of light
Cool shade
No leaves tremble
Morning Stillness
This summer day
I roam
Far off horizon
Now beckons

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Beginning of the giving season

Thank you all for being followers of my blog post, I even got feedback that made me feel good. I'm going to continue posting prose and poems from The Fridge Magnet Chronicles until the end of the year and see how it goes. I will try to be better at catching things needing an edit, spelling, too many similar words in a paragraph, etc. But I'll just confess that a few of those post were early morning (not a morning person) or after too much too drink (can't pass up sparkling or other wine when a friend offers.) It's finally raining here making today dark and dreary and much as I would like to spend this stormy day rummage through the files finding something to share, have to make myself go to work. Watch for a posting very soon, have a wonderful Tuesday!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Not the last page after all!

Biography part two. Here's what you've been waiting for all afternoon.

Continued from earlier today...

My girlfriends and I would meet at the movies on a Friday night but instead of going in we would walk around town singing Bette Midler and Carole King songs. Sometimes we would get picked up by boys we liked and ride around with them for awhile.

When there was no way to get away from the trailer, I would roam the hills behind our house. I obviously was traversing the moors looking for my true love. Of course that love wasn't a wild eyed count galloping on a white horse with his cape flying; he was more likely to be a stoned teenager wearing a suede fringe jacket, driving his dad's car.

Now in my middle age, I think of those days with a bit of nostalgia. I survived the teenage angst. At the time though I just knew that if only I wasn't stuck in that little valley, where it seemed time didn't go anywhere, my talent would be discovered. The poetry I wrote would be made into songs played on KFRC. I would write a best selling novel that would be made into a movie with Ally McGraw in the lead.

I look at the words I've placed onto this virtual paper and sigh a little about that life. I write now about a graying man who became my soulmate and about a boy, now grown who survived me as his mother. Thinking back now, I wouldn't change a minute of it. Well maybe just a little...

Last day of November, last page maybe not...

I've been having such a great time putting up my post for Chapo-Wrimo over my birthday month I might just have to continue through the Xmas and New year holidays. Now for everything you ever wanted to know about me real or made up. You'll just have to keep reading.

A Creative Biography, part one

We moved to a mobile home on two acres the summer before I was going to start high school. In my teenage opinion it was a rough life. The television didn't get cable, the air conditioning didn't work right and then there was also the occasional rattlesnake. Did I mention it was seven miles out of town and I didn't drive yet.

The Sears catalog soon became dog eared and torn from hours of searching for just the right decor for my room. The single bed was covered with a red and white chenille bedspread. A  Tree of Life batik was hung with hippie flair. Every inch of my walls were covered with stationary, wrapping paper, album covers and posters torn from Tiger Beat magazine.

That room was my sanctuary. I could close the door, light a strawberry scented candle and moon over rock stars, write poetry, keep a journal. Dude the cat and I would listen to records and pretend we were somewhere other than in a trailer at the end of a dirt driveway on a hillside in Mendocino County.

I read and wrote voraciously, daydreaming of when I would move to a big, magnificent city like New York or Barcelona. I would change my name to something more dramatic, after some tragic fictional heroine like Scarlet or Daisy. Or if I decided to keep my name I would just use my first name and on all my publications it would be spelled in lowercase letters, "The author sensation, mona!"

Sometimes when I was bored to tears I would steal a cigarette out of my dad's pack of L and M's and go down towards the road. Sitting in on of the fruit trees at the bottom of the property, I pictured myself being a tour guide at the U.N. or teaching children to read as a Peace Corp volunteer in Africa.

To be continued...

Friday, November 28, 2014

Not quite the last page of The Fridge Magnet Chronicles

I led a kind of sheltered life in my old hometown but once I graduated from high school, oh boy didn't let any moss grow on me. I even made it south of the border when I was 18.


Boyfriend tugs me
Along the dusty streets
Food stand, jewelry vendors
I yank money from my pocket
I'm gawking and pointing
Mexican huaraches for me
"Twenty dollars" the man says
Boyfriend pulls me away
"You must barter" he says
Being shy I walk past
Next a silver ring
Boyfriend says "you want one?"
He points, shows dollars
I watch him shake his head
Vendor nods taking money
My finger has shiny band
"Come on now you try"
Boyfriend pulls me to sandals
"How much" I ask
"Twenty dollars" in broken English
"Ten" I say
"Fifteen" he smiles
I hand over my money
Fearless, enlightened
A cold beer sounds good
On this night in Tijuana