Sunday, March 22, 2015

Mermaid Story

I've decided with the spring equinox arriving, this is a good time to go to places not swept out of my imagination yet. The following is a rough draft fiction work. Maybe I'll edit it and use this character in multiple chapters, maybe not. All I know is that the world of fiction has called to me and I'm going to work hard at it. Here goes...

She couldn't help but feel that the mermaid would speak to her if she stared at it long enough. 

It's mouth would move and it's story would spill out, "I am from the shore that washes against the outer bank islands." 

Violet just kept holding it's fragile beauty in her hands. Such a fantastic find, dusty and hidden in the entangled fisherman's net on the shelf of the long deserted shed. She knew doing a little digging there would unearth something wonderful for her to take back home from her visit to the Atlantic shore towns of Virginia.

She posed the mermaid and took a picture to send to Em. Their vintage shop in St. Lorraine was quite eclectic and although near the Pacific ocean in Northern California, mermaids didn't show up often. On the east coast, in particular, south out of Chesapeake Bay she had seen them everywhere. The town of Norfolk even had a map you could find online to tour the city's many mermaids. 

Her phone pinged letting her know that Em was responding to the photo. 

"Where did you find that gorgeous statue and could there be more?" 

Violet hadn't even been thinking of mermaids when she first arrived for her annual visit to see what early American finds she could bring home to August Moon. Tourist in her neck of the woods mainly wanted something vintage to do with the old stage stop days or anything depicting the local wine industry. 

Violet once again took the mermaid into her hands and thought "wonder what the story is behind this?" 

Her eyes fluttered as within her head an unfamiliar voice began, "I am from..."

Violet shut her eyes and let the vibration she could feel from the mermaid flow into her body. 

Briefly she thought "Em, if you could only be here right now." 

Then she felt slowly pulled to some shoreline. She could see, hear and smell the ocean. Was she the mermaid? At other times she had been able to intuit or whatever words describe it, pulled into the piece itself. She would know and somehow visualize the story behind the item. She was feeling that now. Sitting on rough sand, gulls overhead. Salt air blowing against her. Wow, then as quickly she was back in the chair seated before the tiny stove of the cottage where she was staying. 

"Time for a drive, "thought Violet. 

The mermaid caused her to want to feel the real ocean breeze. Tonight was her last night so she should do a little meditation since there wouldn't be another visit to Virginia again for awhile. And who knows, maybe a real mermaid would stop by and regale her with a story or two of beautiful beaches of sunrises and sunsets all across the globe. Violet walked towards the calm lapping water. She took deep breaths, felt the sand underfoot and listened to the waves. 

The cottage creaked and moaned with the wind.

The mermaid stretched her arms, folded and unfolded her tail. She had a long trip ahead of her and there were only folktales from other sea creatures of what the Pacific ocean was like. The key turned in the lock, Violet took her suitcase off the floor and began packing the statue for the flight home to St. Lorraine.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Linda N.!

I think I missed my old friend Linda's birthday this month, or else it's coming up sometime soon. I have to send my birthday wish with the angels because we lost Linda last year. Here's the tribute (or whatever you might call it) that I wrote after finding out she unexpectedly passed away.

The sky is crying...
I think the shock of learning last Monday of Linda's passing is still hanging on. Seeing the photos of her posted on fb jogged old memories of when she was still married to her ex and we worked at the bank together.

I can hear her laugh and see her in my minds eye the snapshots of us when she came to Northspur or along the shoreline of Hidden Valley Lake. There's even that time of a summer visit to the house in Tahoe hanging out on the deck in the brilliant sunshine.

I didn't ever see her again, she moved away with the new love of her life, Tu. Friends told me about him and how he was a gentle giant. Linda was his rock. And not only was she a happy wife, after many losses she was going to be a mom!

Her pregnancy was rough but Ben was born and he was the light of her life. I never had the chance to meet him but when Linda told me he collected postcards I knew I had to send him one while on a trip driving the old route 66.

Family and friends of theirs came from far and wide to celebrate Linda's life in a town I've never heard of where she and Tu and Ben had made a wonderful home. I imagine her looking down during that celebration holding within her arms those who loved her and now mourned her, taken from us too soon.

Linda, you had so much more life to live. I'll grieve for awhile but it will be a healthy mournfulness, Linda would want me to watch my heart...

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Conclusion of Connie and Vern time traveling

Once in the cave, they soon see a trail of footprints and follow them down the mine shaft. They are surprised to find a girl unconscious. Gently Connie shakes her awake.

"What's your name?" ask Vern. "And how did you get her?"

"My name is Martha Hopkins and I was in the 20th century just walking around in my yard at home in Washington D.C. and next thing I knew I woke up here with you two", said Martha.

"Guess it's about time we get all of us back home", says Connie.

"The time machine will have 3 passengers for this trip back, here we go" as Vern pressed his belt buckle.

The end.

Ok anyone want to take this original prompt and make something of their own? Yeah that's what I thought. HAHA! Keep tuned for better stories to come.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

High school time travel story part 3

As I'm sure you've been waiting with baited breath, here you go.

And with that the Captain disappeared. A few seconds later Vern and Connie were in a town in the wild and woolly west.

"Excuse me," said Connie to a man wandering by, "Could you tell me this town's name?"

"This is Prairie Gulch,"he said.

"Look at this wanted poster," said Vern, "Let's look around and try to find some clues to find this outlaw."

For a couple hours they searched the town for clues. After not really finding anything the two of them decided to take a walk into the desert. Soon they stumbled upon a half hidden mine.

"Let's explore it," said Connie finding torches at the cave entrance.

What about that, pretty mysterious. To be continued...

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

High school time travel story part 2

So back in the 70's kids still wrote cursive. I was pretty good at handwriting unlike now when I barely can tell what I wrote one minute ago. Here's the time travelers Connie and Vern, let's see where the machine sent them. the year 1823. As they're drifting on the stream of time Connie spots something in the mist.
"There's something out there that looks like a rowboat," says Connie.
"Ahoy there mates,"said a voice.
"Who's out there," ask Vern.
"My name is Captain Billy Bang."
The rowboat came closer.
"What are you doing here?" ask Vern.
"What am I doing here? That's what I was about to ask you," said Captain Billy Bang.
"We're going to the year 1823." says Connie, "And we have to hurry."
"So do I, so guess I'll say good-bye and maybe we'll meet again," said the Captain.

Just riveting isn't it. Who is the mysterious Captain and where will the stream of time land Connie and Vern? Stay tuned for the next installment.

Friday, January 30, 2015

A little time travel

Remember getting assignments in school that would be a prompt from the teacher and then you had to write a story? I recently found one of those assignments from what is labeled E Period so must be junior or high school years. Here is part one, the mimeographed prompt.

Connie-a girl of 12 or 13
Vern-a boy inventor with a taste for adventure, perhaps 13 or 14
Capt. Billy Bang-a foxy old man who lives somewhere in the stream of time and makes a point of helping young people in trouble
Martha Hopkins-a beautiful woman with a problem

The machine looked simple enough. There were two chairs, some wires that looked like bedsprings, and a numbered dial attached to a box. The device rumbled and pulsed with an on-off-on-off glow.
"It looks sick to me," Connie said. "I think it's got indigestion."
Vern snorted, "Forget the looks. I'll admit it looks more like a jukebox than a scientific marvel, but my calculations say it will work."
"I won't strain your brain with details. Right now all we have to do is sit down, set the dial to the year in time we want, and we're off. All set?"
"I guess so, but I hear a big inner voice yelling NO. Suppose we end up in the middle of a battle or something? Can we tell where we're going?"
"Unfortunately no. However, I can simply squeeze this buckle on my belt to bring us home again. Of course, the machine may take about 60 seconds to start to work."
"Swell! What happens meanwhile?"
"We won't know that until we get out on the stream of time and see. You twist the dial and I'll press the 'GO' button on my chair."
"I always thought I was nuts and this proves it." Connie reached for the dial and gave it a twist.

To be continued..

Sunday, January 18, 2015

college paper from 2010 continued...

Let's now pick up where we left off in the day of the life of Sky Goddess Nut. We last had our Egyptian goddess posing for the royal papyrus artist, she is not happy!

...There are ways to deal with this guy once we are finished with this nonsense. I realize I am friend and protector of the dead; well he might be joining those ranks sooner than he thinks.

Whoa, it's starting to look a little dark out there. Hey artist dude, I have things outside to swallow like the Sun for the evening. Maybe I need a break, did you ever think of that? I did after all give birth to the moon and a bunch of those other planets just this morning. I do have some responsibility tonight and really need to get done here.

Oh good, looks like things are wrapping up. I am so going to go looking for my husband/bro and give him my what for over his big idea of making my official goddess portrait!