Sunday, August 31, 2014

Many manila envelopes...

Ever feel like you must have an adventure soon or you'll go crazy? I currently have 4 manila envelopes on my dining table full of random things to be mailed off to loved ones. So you ask what do envelopes have to do with adventure? Well my adventure is to pretend I've put my shrunken self into the envelopes then I'm able to go somewhere away from home. Granted a couple of my envelope adventures would be Willits and Windsor, not exactly out of my current area. But the other two would be Oregon and Virginia. I think if I could I would choose Virginia and pretty much all of you would know why. There's a handsome sailor and his beautiful sweetie along with an adorable boy who might even give me a big hug and call me Nana back there. But work and finances stop the real me from getting to hop a plane and head east into the sunrise. In the meantime I'll just remember the trip there from a few months ago. I guess even though I'm a California girl through and through, I have a new happy place. It's a neighborhood park that I've actually never even visited but is from a picture where there's a beautiful dark haired, twinkling eyed boy playing. Or it's the back patio of a peaceful family condo that has the firepit going as twilight descends, marshmallows are roasting on sticks and I hear the laughter and quiet chatter of the darling boy excited for his smores. I'm finding a couple rubber duckies to put into the envelope for Virginia, more random things for the other three envelopes. I think I'm now feeling less crazy, thankfully I can use my imagination and find adventure in my mind.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Can I get a compass in that happy meal?

I'm feeling in flux. Here's just a tidbit of something I found while googling the definition.

"Continuous change.
synonyms: continuous change, changeability, variability, inconstancy, fluidity, instability, unsteadiness, fluctuation, variation, shift, movement, oscillation, alternation, rise and fall, seesawing, yo-yoing"

The fluxing of my life has been happening for awhile, probably at least a year. My family dynamics have changed, friends have passed on without fulfilling some things I was watching them accomplish, the job (well that's a whole other story!)

I went from what I thought was my magical age year into turning 57, looked at the mirror of what has been and was informed through the drum circle "the mirror should be the reflection of the beauty we bring to the world". There's a challenge!

Not that I haven't accomplished some things. I have performed my second croning, have worked spells to help bring what I hoped was helpful to the success of an author friend and even tapped into my business persona and became a notary! So what if my bank account looks sad or my house needs remodeling (those two are somewhat connected).

I can also smile when I see the photos of my sailor son and his beautiful new sweetie with her adorable little boy. Now that's something to make me wake up and feel joyful about!

I also have quite a network of amazing women who when we get together make me feel more powerful and connected to the earth (and current events/books) and give me leeway to vent from the frustrations happening on a daily basis.

But an upcoming visit to the forest will refresh me, recharge my batteries. I will sit and feel the breeze coming up from the river and watch dusk descend over the canyon. Possibly in the quiet I'll even hear the whispers of my lineage giving me the direction I could choose to point my compass...

Friday, May 23, 2014


We've become grandparents! Well, we did meet a wonderful little boy who I'm hoping one day will be calling me up and saying "Hi Nana, don't let the bed bugs bite!" So everyone needs to know that he's 3 (we of course think he's an exceptional 3), knows the pledge of allegiance and can write his name pretty well. He spouts out things that I get to hear about from his darling mom since I'm 3000 miles away and don't skype yet. Does every other grammy feel this way? I'm also going to keep a list of all the Carsonisms, might make a great coffee table book one day.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Did I miss "May the fourth be with you"?

May the fourth be with you! LOL! Guess what, it took me a couple of years before I figured what that referenced. Here's the latest... Had a nice time out in Virginia. It was cold though so had to wear layers especially at the pier but I didn't care because sailor kid would finally be back stateside! We got to meet a really wonderful woman and her beautiful little boy, Kim and Carson. Sock monkey didn't really want to be included for many of the outings, the zoo for a little while and a couple meals where he was asked to try some grits and that good ole' sweet tea again! We also got to have Easter dinner with Kim's lovely and hospitable family. Shout out to Candy and Mike for being the hostess' with the mostess'! Now looking forward to a road trip with bff Jana and time to visit with mom and sis. Watch for more postings soon y'all! Take care.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Linda!

Linda's family left her facebook page up after we unexpectedly lost her in February so it was strange to see that I was getting a reminder that today was her birthday. I'm still in shock to think she's gone even though we hadn't seen each other in decades. But with social media we still seemed close. My memories of Linda are pretty old, she was still married to her first husband Don. I had never met Tu or their son Ben but I know they were the light of her life. The funniest time I remember spending with her was when she and Don were building their house in Middletown. They were tiling the bathroom so Dave and I decided on one of the hottest days of summer to take a ride there and help. The movie reel of my mind makes me laugh as I see us sweating and cursing while plastering goop of some sort on the wall and then placing tiles with these little spacer things between them. Finally at about nine o'clock that evening we were done. Starving and with no food in the house we head down the road but is anything open in a town that rolls up the sidewalks when darkness falls? We bang on the locked door of the local burger joint flashing wads of money at the teenage workers begging them to open and make us something, anything. So we got fries and probably burgers that would have been thrown out but it was the best tasting dinner ever in our opinion. I have other memories that make me smile but I'll share those on another of Linda's birthdays. Linda, hope you are having a nice time up there and that you have Elvis or Freddy M. serenading you today. Missing you a lot girlfriend. I'll see you later. Happy Birthday Linda Nu'uvali!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

December already!

Can you believe it's December 1st in this beautiful area I call home? I'm in a t-shirt and sandals and I think it's going to be 75 degrees today. Survived the past week with birthday and Thanksgiving falling just two days apart and still did homework and housework and oh yeah that other work that I actually get paid for! As I'm sure some of you who followed my posting from the past know I was calling the previous birthday year my magical year, I was 56 and had obviously been born in 1956. Well, didn't really get to finish everything I had hoped for during that time so... Now the new birthday arrived and I turned 57. Guess what, that's going to be a magical year also! I add 5+7=12, 1+2=3, yeah baby 3 is my lucky number. LOL! I'll bet I can make every year from now on somehow be a magical year just by making up my own brand of numerology. Ok, so keep tuning in and I'll let you know how this will all be working. More later. "-)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Next weekend fall back...

Yes I know, I'm ahead of schedule. Well it's because I have to give myself an advanced warning due to the coming of the early evening darkness and the foggy dreary mornings of autumnal/winterish time coming. Not a good look for me, seasonal affected disorder here it comes. After already experiencing last Tuesday as one of those days that I'm literally paralyzed and can hardly force myself out of bed. Well at least I have a job and my health and a sound mind, in fact so sound that after seeing the latest grade from human relations class I did what I always hate to do but dropped out. As soon as that happened the anvil on my shoulders just seemed to float away. It made me cry a little because I hate being a quitter but after a huge hug from hubby and hearing him give me some really helpful and sweet words I got over it. Besides I will now have more time to try to get the formatting right on the chapbook that's supposed to be coming out in about 30 days! Anyway, Happy Halloween to you all and watch for another post soon.